sábado, maio 08, 2010

*Dia 05

Dia 05 - Uma música que me lembra alguém
Sayonara Solitaire - Saeko Chiba

A canção que inspirou a criação deste blog. A letra perfeita, ser em japonês e por me lembrar de todas aquelas pessoas que me fazem feliz todos os dias.

Letra traduzida:
It's because I love you so much that I hurt you, that I'm so confused
Coming close to your cold cheek, my soul was born
I always want to see you right away

I love you so much I can't speak, so how will you see my kindness?
Hold me tighter, I believe in your warm heart
Farewell, solitaire, to tomorrow

Because I'm so small, I give everything, but it's not enough
This hand, which can't hide anything at all, I want to give to you
We still have to see off the white dawn

Why was I able to run across someone this important?
Holding on to these fingers that they almost hurt, I see the dream that had disappeared into sadness
Farewell, solitaire

Because I'm no longer alone, tomorrow awakens, and I'm with you.

Because I have someone whom I love so much, I'm here by your side, protecting you
I'm so glad that I was born on this earth that connects me to you.

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