quinta-feira, janeiro 14, 2010

Ine inguelishe pewizze??

Estava aqui a pensar: porque é que gosto tanto de escrever em inglês??
Humm acho que é por achar que as palvras nessa língua estão mais carregadas de emoções e sentimentos.
Por isso aqui deixo mais um pedacinho do que me passou pela cabeça à meia hora xD

I don't know what happiness is.
If it's true that no matter how painful something is, it's because I'm advancing on the correct
road, then all the rises and falls of these mountain peeks are really each of the steps that will lead
me towards happines.
Ah, that's right.
In order to achieve the fullest happiness, I'll have to experience all of these many sorrows.

Someone said: "The essencial condition of dating is... to have mutual feelings for each other..."
But I think that its not that simple to find a fragment of a real heart among all these people in the world.

Hey, don't you know?
The reason why I can be so optimistic is because you're watching over me.
The reason why I can become stronger is because you're by my side.
You changed me.
And I hope that I'm also that significant to you.

What kind of future is waiting for us?
I'm sure i'll never stop worrying.
But, you know?
I'll worry and hesitate. But even so, I'll be responsible and choose
the path that I have to walk on.
It's up to me to decide how I live, because life is the continuation
os ups and downs, but you're with me so---

Bring it on!!!

Just for the sake of being the most happy,
I will also have to experience many kinds of sadness.

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