sábado, maio 05, 2012

Cut to change! 1st step

Sometimes I hate myself.
Sometimes I just need to explode.
This week it happened.
I exploded.
My head exploded.
My thoughts just kept telling me that I reached my limit.
No one can stand this for long.
I know I couldn't.
I'm not a machine that can suppress.
My worries just went on rampage and my fears were released.
I didn't had the time to stop it.
I needed it.
I didn't realized I was already engulfed in it.

Then I understood what I had to do.
I just swallowed myself in that option
A change is needed.
I need to cut it.
I have to remove it.
All of it.
I need to take a leap of faith.
It has to work.
It has to.
That's how I'll

M-o-v-e F-o-r-w-a-r-d!

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