quinta-feira, março 05, 2009


Remember those late night talks? The world kept spinning
  But we felt like the only two people in the universe
Looking up at the stars, pondering why do the stars glow
  Like they have nothing to lose?

Sharing secrets, telling stories—whether true or not
  Well, we all knew but we never would say.
We just laughed because it was better that way—
  But we would not trade it for anything.

The inside jokes that keep growing—we can say one word
  Bust out laughing in public—look at the looks we get!
Let them think we’re crazy, but we all know the truth
  They just wish they were in on a joke or two.

Your family became mine. Mine became yours—
  Bonds like this only happen once in a lifetime.
Safe from harm, no one can defeat us—I know
  Because we’ll always have each other and our trust.

Memories—never forgotten—dreams always shared
  Support for one another—Always
You lost hope—we would be there—
  I’ll always be there for you.

Friendship is a gift—I could never ask for more
  I’ve been blessed with more than I deserve.
You’re the star that lights the way in my life—
  Continue to shine, my angel—shining bright.

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